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Causes Of A Slow Computer

The cause of a slow computer is sometimes hard to determine. There are a number of different reasons a computer will slow down. It also depends on your Windows operating system and the age of your computer. Here is some information that will help you find the cause of a slow computer.

Slow Computer Solution

Slow Computer Solutions Can Help Avoid This

We are going to assume that you do not have a major hardware issue, like bad memory or a failing hard drive. So first let’s start with preforming general maintenance on your computer. To start with let’s do a general cleaning. Click on you’re my computer icon on your desktop, select your hard drive usually “C” right-click on it and select properties. From there you can find your disk cleanup button. Go ahead and run that.

You’ll also notice there is a tab for tools, from there you can find defragment. I would wait until you are going to bed before starting it, takes a longtime to complete.Especially if you haven’t run it in a long time or maybe never.

The next step is to update your antivirus definitions and run a complete scan, you need to make sure you have no viruses running. The same with your spyware software. Update it and run a complete scan. Spyware or adaware running in the background of your computer can really slow down. Viruses and spyware can use a lot of computer resources without you knowing it. So you need to make sure you have neither one of them secretly running in the background.

Over the years the biggest problem in almost all cases is because of the Windows registry. The Windows registry is the heart of the Windows operating system. For it to function properly it needs to be cleaned of any old orphaned files and fully optimized. Every time you start, shut down or load software your computer has to reference the registry to get the proper settings.

If your files have become corrupted or the whole registry has become bloated your Windows operating system will become very sluggish. You may also experience program crashes, blue screen, freezing, jerky mouse, painfully slow loading of software and other such errors.

Extremely long startups or shutdowns and also because by a corrupted registry. By default, Windows operating system will pause when it comes to a registry entry that is no longer valid. It will attempt to locate the software which may no longer be installed on your computer or working properly. So you can imagine if you have a lot of corrupt entries that this will vastly slow your system down.

Since Windows does not come with a registry scanner/cleaner you will need to get one from a third party. The software we recommend is listed on our Main page. They are completely safe and will never harm your computer. If you are not sure you need a registry cleaner the best way to find out is to download one of the ones listed on our Main page. Run a scan, from there you can determine how many errors you have. Most people are shocked to see the massive amount of corrupted files they have on their computer.

Once your system is cleaned and repaired properly new computer should run like it did when you first bought it. You should no longer get any Windows errors and your program should start and run much faster.

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