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Computer Slow to Boot up – Try These Tips

If your computer is slow to boot up I know how annoying this can be. When you start up your computer do you go and do other things around the home or office while you wait for it to boot? Well here is some information that you can use to speed up your computers startup time.

Computer Slow to Boot up

Don't Get Annoyed At Your Slow Booting Computer

Whether you are running Windows 98, XP, 2000, Vista, or Windows 7 they are all basically the same. If you have an older computer some of them tested the memory every time they booted. To change this you have to go into your settings before the computer boots and turn this off. Most newer computers have done away with this feature.

Check your antivirus settings. You do have antivirus software don’t you? Make sure it is not scanning every time your computer starts up as this can really slow down boot times. Many people have this set to scan automatically on startup or boot up and don’t know it.

Next you’ll want to remove any programs from startup that you do not absolutely need every time you start your computer. A lot of programs and software will insert themselves into your startup menu so the program loads in the background every time you restart your computer. Removing programs you do not need can greatly speed up your slow computer boot up.

Bad memory or a hard drive that is going bad can also be a problem, fortunately this is not a very common problem. Unless your computer is ready to fail you do not have to worry about this. In most cases we have found the registry to be the biggest problem for a computer slow to boot up. The Windows registry is the heart of your computer system.

Your system registry needs to be cleaned, optimized and eliminate any orphaned files as these are the biggest slowdown that will cause a computer slow to boot up. Every time your computer starts up it comes across these orphaned registry files and tries to reference the software that goes with it. This program or software may no longer be on your computer or working properly.

When you uninstall programs in most cases it will leave behind a registry entry. These orphaned files belong to nothing and your Windows operating system will pause when it comes across them trying to cross reference the file. These need to be cleaned out of your system as this has been found to be the biggest problem for a computer slow to boot up.

So how do you clean these orphaned or corrupted files? You will need a good registry cleaner/scanner. While there are some free ones I would not trust your computer to them. If you alter or delete the wrong registry file your computer may become unstable or unusable. The small one-time fee you have to pay for a good professional registry cleaner is a very wise investment as it will keep your computer running smooth and fully optimized. Plus you will receive lifetime updates for free.

The ones we recommend and trust are listed on our Main page. They will do a complete and thorough job and greatly speed up your slow bootup. You may be shocked the first time you run the software in most cases it will find hundreds of corrupted or orphaned registry files that need to be removed or repaired. You will wonder how your computer ran at all.

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