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Fixing a Slow Computer

Fixing a slow computer is not that hard and can be done by almost anyone with the proper tools. Many non-technical people are afraid to tamper with your computer. And for good reason. If you change the wrong setting or delete the wrong file your computer may become unstable or unusable.

Using software to fix a slow computer is a much safer option than altering files manually. Programs like, registry cleaners, spyware removal software and antivirus software will keep any computer safe and running smoothly.

You may have been very happy when you purchased your computer and it was running so fast and smooth. Programs snapped open very quickly and you could surf the Internet at blazing speeds. However, I am sure you’ve have noticed over time that your priced computer has been slowing down. Now it seems like it takes forever to do anything or load programs.

Remember when you first purchased your computer? You could hit the start button and it will boot up in seconds. Now, you did your start button and go do a load of laundry. Computers collect a lot of junk and useless files over time. Especially if you load and then delete programs. Uninstalling a program does not remove all the files it needs to, thus you end up with a lot of junk.

The major cause of a slow computer is the registry. All your settings are stored there and the heart of all your software and programs are stored there. Every time you load a program, start your computer or shut down your computer it references the registry. So basically this is the heart of your computer system. If it is not fully cleaned and optimized your computer will slow down.

Registry ends up with a lot of corrupted files or orphaned files that belong to nothing or software that you’ve deleted long ago. These need to be cleaned out or repaired. The reason this every time your computer loads programs, starts up or shuts down it comes across these orphaned registry files and tries to cross reference them with programs that are no longer there. By default Windows operating system will delay on every one of them trying to match them up. And if these registry files are corrupted that’s even worse because Windows cannot read them.

So you see why your Windows computer is bound to become slower over time. If you do not keep up with the maintenance of your registry you’re just asking for trouble. Since Windows operating systems do not come with a registry cleaner or optimizer will need to get one from a third party. There are many poorly written ones especially if you come across a free one. These should be avoided as they may do more harm to your computer then help.

You’re much better paying a one-time fee for a professional registry cleaner or a small yearly fee to get good software that you can trust. The one we recommend is listed on our Main page. This is the recommended slow computer solution

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