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How to Fix a Slow Laptop

If you are wondering how to fix a slow laptop here is some information and a few tips that will help you speed up your slow running laptop. Many times a laptop will run slower than a desktop computer because it lacks the resources a desktop computer will have available.

Many laptops are short on memory and will use all available to run programs. Here is a good tip that will allow you to add memory to your laptop and speed it up. If you don’t have one already pick up a good USB memory stick. It may be called a jump drive, thumb drive USB drive or others which I can think of right now.

If you have a slow laptop running Vista or Windows 7 you can insert the memory stick into your USB port and you will be prompted by a pop-up to use it as a drive or speed up your computer. If you choose speed up your computer it will use it as memory and add it to your available RAM. If you’re running large programs this may speed up your laptop

We will assume that your hard drive is not going bad, so next you should update your antivirus software and run a full scan. You will also want to scan for spyware and ad aware. You need to make sure you do not have a virus or spyware running in the background as this will use up a lot of computer resources and slow your laptop down immensely.

Many people e-mail us and ask us how to fix a slow laptop, this is one of the most popular problems there is. If the above suggestions have not solved your slow laptop problem you more than likely have a registry problem. A corrupted or bloated Windows registry is a huge overlooked problem. Many people never scan or clean it because there is no program supplied with Windows to perform such maintenance.

Registry is like the heart of your Windows operating system. All your software has to reference it every time it loads. Every time your computer starts or shuts down or you change settings it has to reference the Windows registry. Corrupt entries or orphaned files can really slow your laptop down.

These need to be cleaned, repaired or removed. The Windows operating system, as a default setting, pauses one finds these orphaned or bad files and tries to reference the software that it belongs to which may be no longer working or installed on your computer.

To verify that this may be a problem on your laptop causing it to be slow, download one of the registry repair programs listed on our Main page. Install it and run a full scan. It will show you how many registry errors and bad files you have on your computer. You will have to register the software before you can do a full repair. A good registry program is a wise investment for any laptop or desktop computer.

It will keep your computer running smooth and error free. Many people notice a huge difference after they repair their registry and restart their computer. Your computer should run like it did when it was new and you should no longer have a slow laptop problem.

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