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Slow Computer Solutions and Tips To Speed Up A Slow Computer

Fixing a slow computer is not that difficult and most people can do it themselves with a little time. Even if you have no technical skills our slow computer solutions can help you speed up your annoyingly slow computer in an afternoon.

The first thing you will want to do is to preform a general cleaning on your computer or laptop. Click on my computer, right-click on your C drive and select properties. From there you will see the disk cleanup button. Go ahead and press that and let it run, this will delete all the temporary garbage you do not need. Slow Computer Solutions

Next you’ll want to update your antivirus and spyware software and perform complete scans. Sometimes this takes a while but it needs to be done. If you want you can start it before going to bed or at a time when you will not be using your computer. It could be that your computer has become so slow you do not want to use it anymore, been there.

If you have downloaded and installed different task bars for your browser these can really slow down your web surfing. Many of them are loaded with so much garbage they really use a lot of resources. Some will give you pop-ups. If your are experiencing different pop-ups and can’t get rid of them it may be your taskbar. If you bothered to read all the terms in the agreement before installing the you would have noticed that you are agreeing to certain advertising being displayed.

The number one reason most people have a slow computer is because of a bad registry or a lot of registry errors. This is a overlooked area of Windows, and many people don’t even know it exists. However the registry on a Windows computer or laptop is like the heart of your system. It contains all the vital information for your operating system and software.

Over time your Windows registry becomes bloated or corrupted resulting in a slow computer. Slow computer solutions recommends you preform regular maintenance on your registry. You need to clean the orphaned registry files and repair the corrupt ones to keep your computer running fast and fully optimized. Every time you install or uninstall software your computer alters the registry. Many programs leave behind in orphaned registry file even though you have uninstalled it.

When your computer starts, shuts down or load software tries to reference these orphaned registry files to software that is no longer installed. Sometimes your operating system will delay a few seconds on each one trying to reference it. So as you can see this will greatly slow down a computer over time.

Slow computer solutions recommends you download and run one of the recommended programs on our Main page. This will tell you how many errors you have on your computer and whether you need a registry cleaner or not, I am betting that you will. In fact I bet you will be shocked at how many errors you have. Most people have several hundred the first time they will run a scan.

Another benefit of our top-rated software, is that you can easily remove programs out of your start up. More than likely there will be many programs that load every time your computer starts up and running in the background. This uses resources and slows your startup and shutdown times. Remove the programs that you do not use on a daily basis. You’re not removing them from your computer you’re just telling startup that you do not need them pre-loaded.

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