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What Makes a Computer Run Slow

When I used to work for a computer company providing tech support, one question we got asked constantly was what makes a computer run slow. This is one of the biggest problem for 90% of computer users. When they purchase a new computer it runs smoothly but, quickly over time it begins to slow down.

What Makes A Compter Run Slow?

What Makes A Compter Run Slow?

Nothing more annoying than a slow performing computer, it makes you want to go out and buy a new one or smash it with a large hammer. Most people don’t take the time to do any maintenance on the computer until it begins getting very slow. If you schedule regular maintenance on your computer, your computer may never slow down.

What makes a computer run slow will vary greatly. It could be you have a bad memory or not enough. Many modern programs are complete memory hogs. They will eat up your computer’s resources slowing everything down. There are some things you can do to speed up almost any computer.

First let’s make sure you do not have a virus or spyware running in the background as these will use tons of memory and resources on your computer. So scan your complete hard drive for viruses and then or spyware. I have seen computers slowed to a snail’s pace because of a virus running and duplicating in the background.

Clean out your temporary files and delete all your cookies while you’re at. Do you have tons of programs installed that you never use anymore? Open up your control panel and clean up the programs and software that you don’t use or need.

You will also want to remove any programs out of your start up that you do not absolutely need to load every time your computer starts up. This will greatly increase your startup and shutdown times. It makes no sense to load all these programs into your startup when you never use them. By default many programs will insert themselves in your startup.

However what makes a computer run slow is almost always because of a registry problem. The Windows registry is the heart of the PC. It is also the Achilles’ heel. Mac computers don’t have as many problems as Windows computers because they do not use a registry. It is also why they get less viruses, however most programs are written for windows so majority of people are stuck with using a Windows operating system.

I will have to admit though Windows 7 is a great system so far. Even though it still uses a registry and can get errors just like all the others are Windows operating system. So no matter what version of Windows you have you will want to do a complete registry scan and cleaning and possibly repair. If you do not have a good registry cleaner download one from our Main page and scan your computer. This will tell you how many errors and files that need attention.

Although it will tell you how many errors you have you will have to purchase the software to make the necessary repairs. Let me tell you though that a good registry tool is a wise investment for any Windows computer owner. It will cost less than one trip to your local computer repair shop and it will keep computer running smooth and error free. Most people notice a vast improvement in speed and performance once they form a little maintenance on your computer and they will not be asking what makes a computer will slow any more.

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