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Windows XP Running Slow? Here Are Some Simple Tips You Can Use

If your Windows XP is running slow here are a few quick tips that can greatly increase your PCs performance. Most people don’t know about this this is one method can vastly improve performance on your XP computer in a couple of seconds. This is our slow computer solution for Windows XP.

To get an instant speed boost from your XP operating system go to your start menu and right-click my computer, click properties. Click the ‘advanced’ tab. Then click the ‘settings’ button under the heading ‘performance’.

Click the ‘adjust for best performance’ radio button, but, scroll to the bottom and re-select the ‘use visual styles on windows and buttons’, other wise the buttons will look plain and ugly. Click apply, then ok. Then ok again in the properties box. As soon as you do this you’ll instantly notice an increase in speed, especially for a slow laptop.

Next you want to go into your startup end remove any programs you do not want or absolutely need to know every time your computer starts up. This will speed up your startup and shutdown times, as Windows XP will not need to load so many programs.

It may take a long time to do this so you may want to start it before you go to bed. You should run a complete defrag. Next you’ll want to remove any desktop icons that you can do without. This will not eliminate the program you can find them still in your start menu, it will just remove the icon from your desktop which slows down your computer. The same with your taskbar, remove any programs you do not absolutely need as these require memory and resources.

If your Windows XP is running extremely slow want to make sure you do not have a virus or spyware running in the background. So update your virus definitions and run a complete skan. Do the same for your spyware/ad aware program.

Most people overlook this step but you want to do a complete cleaning and repair of your registry. This is usually one of the biggest reasons Windows XP will run slow. Your Windows registry becomes bloated and corrupt over the years. Most people never do any maintenance on it. This can be a major cause of freezing, blue screen, slow startup, slow shutdown, Windows Explorer running slow and other such errors.

These tips are even more relevant if you are running Windows XP on a laptop. Since most laptops have less resources to use you need to keep your laptop fully optimized in order for to perform well. If you follow the tips above like that your computer is running super fast now. You may just put off buying a new computer after all.

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